Bahrain Polytechnic Staff tour Majaal

Located within the Salman Industrial City at the Bahrain Investment Wharf, the Majaal warehouse development presently offers 130,000 square feet of secure, flexible and cost effective industrial work space complemented with a range of value-added services focused on elevating the standards of warehousing projects in the region.

The visit came as part of First Bahrain’s support for leadership development and quality education in Bahrain, specifically here through Bahrain Polytechnic. Mr. Al Arrayed is an active Member of the Curricula Advisory Committee and supports students by offering an opportunity to engage directly with industry throughout their studies. He said: “We are honoured to receive the Bahrain Polytechnic faculty here at Majaal, which paves the way for student visits later on. We are proud that Majaal has become one of the leading developments of its kind in Bahrain and the region, helping to develop the SME sector and attract FDI as recently shown by the signing of the Switz Group, a Saudi-based company newly entering the Bahrain market through their facility at Majaal. I am privileged to be able to contribute to the development of quality and practical education in the Kingdom of Bahrain through my work with the Bahrain Polytechnic which helps support students in learning about the logistics sector – a vital element in Bahrain’s future development and economic growth. Majaal will continue to support the Bahrain Polytechnic by affording students the time and opportunity to gain practical experience and insight into the world of logistics and preparing them for the increasingly competitive job market.”

The visit was organized in line with Bahrain Polytechnic’s policy of involving students and tutors with the latest developments in different industries to ensure theoretical education offered is balanced with practical application. John Scott, CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic said: “I am very pleased to have Mr. Al Arrayed on our Curriculum Advisory Committee. Collaboration with the Kingdom’s leading SME-focused logistics development Majaal, will provide our students with the unique practical opportunities that serve as an important stepping stone to the future job market.”

Bahrain Polytechnic is centered on the application of new knowledge in real life situations. “Being exposed to Majaal and other projects will help students develop much needed critical thinking and problem solving skills. By collaborating with different industry sectors, we offer a great opportunity for students to bring them one step closer towards meeting the needs of the labour market” Scott added.

As part of the visit, Bahrain Polytechnic faculty also met some Majaal tenants and were given a presentation on Majaal and First Bahrain’s strategic approach to sustainable investment.