Our Philosophy

Being governed by the principles of Sharia our business acumen is based on a foundation of trust and honesty, the cornerstone of which is our core value of integrity. Our investors benefit from the uniquely structured financial packages that utilise ethical investment channels.

All real estate is valuable. But land in itself has potential that is often unrealised. It takes vision to identify potential. It takes commitment, integrity and hard work to realize that potential. A functioning community supported by a vibrant economy requires entrepreneurial leaders to identify such potential and bring shape to that which did not previously exist. First Bahrain is such a company.

Founded in Kuwait in 2004 and operating in Bahrain since 2007, First Bahrain is a well established real estate developer.

Dedicated to achieving economically, socially and environmentally sustainable returns through collaborative relationships, First Bahrain creates enduring value for all stakeholders with a demand driven investment approach in accordance with the principles of Sharia.