Investment Strategy

First Bahrain’s investment strategy has been crafted after analysing the trends and factors that are influencing the socio-economic landscape in the GCC. While it would be imprudent to our investors to outine out entire strategy, we give you the following insights for your review.


The GCC real estate development boom came to an end as the effects of the global financial crisis began to impact the GCC in the fall of 2008.  With the end of the boom cycle, asset prices have fallen significantly across the region.  While the crisis has been a major setback, given the differing demographics and local market fundamentals across the rest of the region, attractive pockets of opportunity and supply-demand mismatches still exist in several GCC territories -opportunities to pioneer further value advantage.

First Bahrain’s management is looking to take advantage of its strong and stable balance sheet with its significant liquidity to make acquisitions and further projects in the design stage that will be ready to activate once the economy improves.  First Bahrain will also continue to research and identify areas of mismatch in supply across the region.


First Bahrain’s investment strategy has been created against this regional and international macro-economic back drop, balanced against a clear understanding of the local market conditions. After analysis of the prevailing GCC market conditions, we have created a relevant and responsive investment strategy. Our strategy is characterized by projects that utilise demand driven fundamentals that are derived from unique positioning features such as unique zoning solutions, strategic locations, exclusive operators and anchor tenants.

First Bahrain’s holistic investment strategy is ensuring we realize the full potential for significant value creation – specialized and intelligent development offerings, delivered to the market via highly differentiated brand strategies. This pioneering approach affords our investors and shareholders a greater level of return by creating ‘stand out’ projects amongst a back drop of vague investment offers, in projects that suffer from a lack of market differentiation. First Bahrain’s strategy is derived from an understanding of real market needs and contracted on a deep understanding of value development and market differentiation.