Financial Overview


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome you to our site. As a stakeholder of First Bahrain, we invite you to interact with us here.

We sincerely appreciate the trust the Shareholders have placed in us and in turn, we aspire to manage your resources with transparency and integrity.

You are welcome to explore our financial history by clicking here. You can also find regular updates on the Company’s activities here.

Benefiting from our steady approach to growth and investments, I am pleased to report growing revenues attributed to leases in our commercial projects, Jarir Bookstore, El Balcón Mall, and El Mercado Mall along with our industrial project, Majaal.

Moving forward, in line with our conservative sweet spot for investments, we will be participating in public tenders to develop housing units for the Ministry of Housing.

These projects will further support our goal of converting all our assets into active generators of revenue for the shareholders. In all other areas, the Company will continue exploring means to enhance rental income and realize cash exits where opportunities arise to create sufficient liquidity for further expansion and dividends.

As we work together towards a good future, may Almighty Allah grant us all sustained success and prosperity.

Waleed Ahmed Alkhaja

Waleed Ahmed Alkhaja

2023 Annual Report