First Bahrain Signs Strategic Agreement with Kanoo Information Technology

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, is a suite of integrated business management solutions that works with existing Microsoft products, such as Office and Windows, to integrate an organization’s data and processes into a unified system. A key component is a unified database that stores data for the various system modules.

Mr. Waleed Kanoo, General Manager commented: “The new ERP system will not only coordinate operations across departments, but also benefit strategic planning and management at First Bahrain. By offering better data access, ERP will allow managers to have up-to-the-minute information to use in decision making and managerial control. The system will also support our resource planning by providing a better and more up to date assessment of needs and resources.”

Mr. Daniel Taylor, Head of Operations, First Bahrain, commented: “With offices located across two countries, an integrated financial management system like Microsoft Dynamics GP is critical for us at First Bahrain to ensure controls and to speed access to information for decision making. Our new ERP system will help us streamline procedures and increase business efficiency, which will increase our operating profits and make sure we remain good stewards of our shareholders resources.”

Kanoo IT was selected to implement the project after a comprehensive evaluation which was based on their previous experience in successfully implementing similar projects, coupled with their wealth of professional expertise. Kanoo IT has a full team of Microsoft certified professionals with considerable experience, especially in the investment sector