El Mercado Village

Website: www.elmercadovillage.com

Phone: +973 17567567

Instagram: @elmercadovillage

A beautiful community built adjacent to an upscale neighborhood market, the forty-two villas and townhouses of El Mercado Village to offer modern amenities with a classic touch.

Adjacent to the El Mercado Janabiya project, the 150,000 square feet property will be subdivided into 42 individual plots with RHA (row houses) zoning. Designed by Sanad Engineering, the Spanish architecture of the homes will be complementary to the neighbourhood retail centre. In like manner, future occupants of the homes will be demand drivers for the businesses which locate within the retail centre. The two projects will benefit from each other.

Currently pursuing all necessary approvals, construction is scheduled to commence during Q2 2016. Funding for the project has been secured from Kuwait Finance House as an extension of the facility for the retail centre.

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