Warehousing in Bahrain: Latest Developments and Outlook

According to Al Arrayed, “It’s very natural that if you do well or if a sector is doing well, that will attract competitors to the market. We have the advantage of being almost the first mover for SME warehousing. We’re benefiting from the fact that we moved first and we took that first step.

Again, I think that as far as competition goes, it makes us as a company more vigilant. It makes us focus on how we can differentiate ourselves and how we can have a better value proposition. So I see it as a natural, healthy stressor for us. I don’t think that anyone should shy away from competition. If you notice in our projects, we phase our projects. We have phase 1 and phase 2, and in each phase we try to add in new elements that help keep us ahead of the curve. So we don’t have a problem with competition. We see that as a natural byproduct of being successful.”