Young Arab Leaders program helps Bahrainis take step to success

The YAL Steps to Success programme is an intensive workshop followed by internships which aims to help students make a smooth transition from the classroom environment to becoming productive and active members of the workforce with the necessary skills and tools to succeed. The workshop will assist participants through the process of looking for a job, the development of interview skills and tools required to excel in the workplace.

At the workshop, Mr Al Arrayed was asked to discuss the issue of personal branding. He emphasized that while many people focus on outward appearance, successful and sustainable careers are built upon a solid inner core of values and a vision for ones future. Such personal sense of identity and commitment will help guide one forward, through both good and difficult time. Not only with the result be a person of character and strength, but such people will also be much more attractive to potential employers and have greater opportunities for advancement.
Commenting on the content of his speech, Mr Al Arrayed, said: “We want to challenge the upcoming generation of Bahrainis to ask themselves, ‘What are my goals and what am I prepared to sacrifice to reach those goals? What is the long-term plan and what experience, education and mentoring will I need to achieve this? How do I convert my plans into actions? And just as importantly, how do I adapt my plan if it is not succeeding?’”
He added: “Just as a building needs a strong foundation, careers are built on good foundations of character, education and experience. The taller you want to build a building, the longer it takes to dig the foundation. A shallow foundation may enable you to begin to build quickly but you will only be able to go up two or three stories. A building that will touch the sky needs to be carefully planned and patiently developed, and the same is true for a successful career.”
“In the process of planning out your career, one of the most important things you can discover is your true passions, personal strengths and gifting. Understanding and cultivating what you are good at, through education, experiences and mentoring, will help you develop and pursue your future with energy and commitment in a way that brings value to the organizations you work in and creates opportunities for future advancement.”

He concluded: “When you focus on your core vision and values and patiently build a firm foundation through education, experience and mentoring, enabling you to build a sky-scraping career where your strength and passions are showcased, you will have developed a strong personal brand which will be evident for all to see.”
Under Mr. Al Arrayed’s leadership, First Bahrain is participating in the YAL Steps to Success by making a summer internship available for a student member of the programme. Aligned with the Kingdom’s economic vision for 2030, and as an employer of choice in the region, First Bahrain is an organization which consistently creates rewarding opportunities for talented and hard working Bahrainis.