First Bahrain Partners with D3 Consultants for Future School Projects

First Bahrain, a leading real estate development company, has partnered with D3 Consultants, a renowned education consultancy firm, for their upcoming school projects in the region.

First Bahrain is committed to expanding its presence in the educational sector and providing top-quality educational facilities in the region. With this partnership with D3 Consultants, First Bahrain is confident in its ability to deliver successful and sustainable school projects. First Bahrain and D3 Consultants are the right team to consider and contact for any upcoming educational projects in the area. Their combined expertise and experience make them the ideal choice for any organization or institution looking to develop high-quality educational facilities.

“We are happy to partner with D3 Consultants for our future school projects,” said Omar Altemiemy, Chief Executive Officer of First Bahrain. “Their reputation for delivering efficient and customized educational projects aligns with our company’s values and goals. We believe that this partnership will bring great value and ultimately benefit the community.”

D3 Consultants, with over 30 years of experience in providing solutions for educational institutions, has a proven track record of delivering complex and large-scale projects in the education sector. Their team of experts will work closely with First Bahrain to ensure the timely and successful completion of their school projects.

“We are excited to collaborate with First Bahrain and contribute to their vision of providing top-notch educational facilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” said Mr. Mohanned Al-Anni, Managing Director and CEO of D3 Consultants. “Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative educational solutions for Private and Public Schools, Nurseries to K to 12, and even Training Centres.” Mr. Al-Anni added.

The partnership between First Bahrain and D3 Consultants is a significant step towards providing high-quality educational infrastructure for the community. Both companies are committed to delivering excellence and sustainability in their projects, and this partnership will undoubtedly bring great value to the education sector in Bahrain.